Friday, April 27, 2018

Web Traffic Update: Blogger Counts Everything as Traffic!

Hah! So get this...I just learned that Blogger, the platform my website uses, counts EVERYTHING as "traffic." Bots, spiders, viewing your own post, sneezes, you name it, it counts as a visitor. What that means is that, aside from Google Adsense, I have no idea how many unique visitors I have AND the numbers I was bragging about a few months ago are waaaaayyy off. Were talking by as much as 20x, maybe more. 

Making matters worse, Alexa hasn't ranked my site yet, even though it has been over a year. Part of the problem is that my site was parked and redirected to HardOCP for years. I reached out to Alexa and, as expected, the answer was "we'll look into it."

So, aside from bragging that "I'm kind of a big deal on the internet," all I have are Adsense and (hopefully soon) Alexa rankings for legit stats.

Some interesting stuff about the site (from Google Adsense):

  • Almost all my traffic comes from the US (no surprise)
  • Bounce rate is just over 52% (good)
  • Page views per visitor  is 2.7
  • Daily time on Site per visitor is 3.2 minutes
  • Most of my traffic is organic (direct visitors)
  • Search traffic is 8.5% 
  • Almost 10% of my traffic comes from Facebook, followed by 8% from Google, 6% from Bing and Yahoo providing 5%. 
  • Biggest article so far was my Titan X: Maxwell vs Pascal review

I'll update you guys more as I get better stats so that I'm not just talking out of my ass next time!