Friday, March 24, 2017

Icy Dock MB326SP-B ExpressCage

If you've always wanted to cram 6 SSDs into an open 5.25" drive slot, this review of the Icy Dock MB326SP-B ExpressCage is for you. You'll need a translator to read the full review.

The price decline makes SSDs more attractive to get a faster data storage medium than with conventional 3.5-inch HDDs. But what can you do if the space for 2.5-inch bays in the case is strongly limited, which should be the case with more than 4 years old cases? Can one benefit from the SSDs without replacing its well-loved housing? Of course, you could just use MacGyver as a little armor. Or you can do it right, in the form of 2.5-inch interchangeable frames that fit into a 5.25-inch drive bay. With the ExpressCage MB326SP-B, Icy Dock offers a removable frame for a total of six 2.5-inch drives! Whether this is done correctly, this test shows.