Thursday, November 17, 2022

Phanteks Releases The New Eclipse G500A

Phanteks today announces four models of the new Eclipse G500A, a new range of cooling fans, the M25 Series, and new all-white Neon D-RGB LED strips. Eclipse G500A – Premium Mid-Tower Powerhouse. The Eclipse G500A pushes the limit with its high airflow design to unlock next-gen CPU and GPU performance. The G500A’s front and top panels feature Phanteks’ Ultra-fine Performance Mesh design that combines high airflow performance with excellent dust filtration, all-in-one. With its spacious interior, the G500A is ready for powerful gaming setups, offering a 420 radiator in the front, and a 360 radiator in the top, while having plenty of space for full-length GPUs, multiple HDD and SSD locations, and a vertical GPU mounting option.