Monday, December 23, 2019

Stadia Community Round-Up

Stadia is adding achievements know...everyone else has them.

As of 12/19, our first version of Achievements are live on Chrome browser and Chromecast, and players can check out the following features:

  • On both Chrome browser and Chromecast, players can open their own profile to view the last three achievements earned for the last game played. Clicking on one of these achievements will open a detailed Achievements page.
  • On Chrome browser, players can open a full view of all games played by the player. 
  • Selecting a game will open a detailed page containing all Achievements for a game, status of each achievement, and progress if provided by the game.
  • Players can view the Achievements of other players who have chosen to make them visible by selecting the other player’s profile. 
  • You can control who can view your Achievements in your Stadia Settings, under Friends & privacy.