Thursday, November 7, 2019

Phanteks Renames The Enthoo Luxe 2 To Enthoo 719

Phanteks today announced that they will be changing their Enthoo Luxe 2 product name to “Enthoo 719”. Phanteks recently received a letter from Thermaltake suggesting that the Enthoo Luxe 2 product name has similarities to their "Luxa 2" mark, a mobile accessory brand. Phanteks strongly disagrees with this finding as the Luxe 2 is simply an iteration of the original, a computer chassis. Phanteks never had the intent to cause confusion by using the name described. Phanteks says, “We would like to move on and spend less time on this matter and concentrate more on creating innovative products for our users. Thank you for your understanding.” The Enthoo 719 will have no changes to the physical product other than its name.