Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Fastest Academic Supercomputer Wields NVIDIA GPUs for Science Research

The Texas Advanced Computing Center today launched Frontera, the most powerful academic supercomputer in the world, now featuring two subsystems powered by some 800 NVIDIA GPUs. Frontera will leverage the AI, high performance computing and data analytics capabilities of NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs to enable powerful scientific simulation and accelerate research areas including drug discovery, astrophysics and natural hazards modeling.

Housed at The University of Texas at Austin, Frontera ranked fifth on the most recent TOP500 list of fastest supercomputers, achieving 23.5 petaflops on the High-Performance Linpack benchmark and 38.75 petaflops of peak double-precision performance. The new GPU subsystems add a further 11 petaflops of peak single-precision performance for researchers.