Monday, July 8, 2019

Charge's Mustang Hides An EV Inside Classic American Muscle

Honestly, I hate it when non-car guys try to talk about cars. How do I know this guy isn't a car guy? He called a Mustang an "enormous" car...what the hell!?!

So why the Mustang? Well, Charge knew it would be a head-turning project. The car's enormous size, though, also made it easier to squeeze in all of the necessary EV components.

Compared to a Model 3 (3,700 - 4,100lbs - 185 x 73 x 57" LWH), a 1965 Mustang is almost identical in size (181 x 68 x 51" LWH) and weighs over a 1,000lbs less. So the enormous comment is way out in left field. Also, paying $375,000 on a car no one in the US can work on is just plain stupid. If you got that kind of cash, buy a 1965 Shelby Mustang instead, that car goes up in value every day you own it.