Monday, June 3, 2019

Another Web Traffic Ranking Update

Back in 2017 I realized I had grossly overestimated my website traffic because I didn't know what the Blogger platform considered as actual traffic. Well, looking at the numbers from Alexa today, I have a better view of where my site ranks (a lower traffic rank is better). My Alexa Traffic Rank sits at 29,049 in the U.S. which is as good or better than many other popular tech websites. But, since most of my visitors are from the U.S., my global traffic ranking still kinda sucks. 😒 More stats:

  • 73.7% of all my traffic comes from the US and Canada (no surprise)
  • Most of my traffic is organic (direct visitors)
  • Bounce rate is good at just 36.5%
  • Search traffic is 12.4% 
  • 8.3% of my traffic comes from Google, followed by 7% from Facebook, 6.4% from Bing and then 3.8% from Yahoo. 
  • My biggest review on Hypothermia so far was my Titan X: Maxwell vs Pascal review