Thursday, May 2, 2019

Cambridge Consultants Puts Deep Learning in Director’s Chair

AI is commonly associated with data. Less known is its artistic side — composing music scores, transforming doodles into photorealistic masterpieces, and dancing the night away. Cambridge Consultants knows it well, having already demonstrated AI’s artistic prowess with Vincent AI, which turns your squiggles into art in one of seven styles resembling everything from moody J.M.W. Turner oil paintings to neon-hued pop art.

Last month, in collaboration with artist and animator Jo Lawrence, the U.K.-based consultancy brought a world first to the Collusion 2019 Showcase, an exhibition in Cambridge of interactive and immersive art exploring our relationship with new technologies. Datacosm is an AI-driven animated film setting out our changing relationship with technology. What makes it special is that AI chooses the ending as the story unfolds based on the type of music played by a live pianist.