Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Apex Legends Hits 1M Players Right Off

One million players in 8 hours? Wow, that's pretty damn impressive!

The support and excitement for Apex Legends has been more than we could have imagined. The whole team is thrilled to see people loving the game as much as we do. We love the praise, but we also want to hear what could be better. A few things for example we’d love your feedback on: 

  • How do weapons feel? Distinct? Samey? 
  • Do Legend abilities feel effective? 
  • Are you finding loot quickly enough? Is ammo too hard to find? Is a type of ammo feel to scarce? 
  • What areas of the game could be explained better? 
  • What do you wish Apex had that it doesn’t 
  • What are your favorite cosmetics?