Tuesday, January 8, 2019

DRIVE Software 8.0 Enables Surround Perception, AR for Safe Automated Driving

DRIVE Software 8.0 — which integrates enhanced perception, visualization and mapping capabilities into one release — makes it easy to see the road ahead for safe self-driving. The newest version of the extensive DRIVE Software suite, announced this week at CES, features advanced automated driving and in-cabin user experience functionalities powered by AI. Much of the DRIVE Software 8.0 capabilities are also hallmarks of the recently introduced DRIVE AutoPilot system. The release will be available to developers in the next few weeks.

NVIDIA DRIVE Software is an open software suite that’s powered by the compute capabilities of the DRIVE AGX platform. It consists of the DRIVE OS operating system, DriveWorks software framework, a rich SDK to develop software applications for autonomous driving, as well as DRIVE AV and DRIVE IX software applications for autonomous driving.