Friday, November 23, 2018


For those of you that missed this announcement earlier in the week, what are your thoughts on this new app?

Elevatyr Inc., a company based on the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, today announced the release of phase one of its cryptocurrency trading mobile app. Based on the singular belief that everyone should be able to benefit from the growing blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, the company designed its new app to bring simplicity to buying and selling Bitcoin and other digital currencies. 

Typically, users have to create accounts on multiple exchanges to access the 2000+ cryptocurrencies being traded 24/7.  Now with Elevatyr’s new secure app, users are able to buy or sell any of Elevatyr’s supported cryptocurrencies from its easy-to-use app.  Elevatyr offers a simpler, more complete cryptocurrency trading experience than general exchanges or other trading services. It is a singular crypto hub that gives users access to tokens across multiple exchanges, and key features that allow users to trade with greater intelligence, all from the convenience of an easy-to-use mobile app.

In its first phase, the Elevatyr app will offer 12 select cryptocurrencies in its portfolio and has set plans to increase that number to 24 and beyond in the coming months. The first 12 cryptocurrencies, the “Core 12”, were selected based on a series of tests that each had to pass, encompassing their security, value, and positive track record.