Tuesday, November 13, 2018

AMD On Zen 2 29% IPC Performance Increase Article

It seems that story about AMD claiming Zen 2 having 29% higher IPC than Zen 1 was taken out of context. There is a reason stuff like this is buried in the footnotes.

As we demonstrated at our Next Horizon event last week, our next-generation AMD EPYC server processor based on the new “Zen 2” core delivers significant performance improvements as a result of both architectural advances and 7nm process technology. Some news media interpreted a “Zen 2” comment in the press release footnotes to be a specific IPC uplift claim. The data in the footnote represented the performance improvement in a microbenchmark for a specific financial services workload which benefits from both integer and floating point performance improvements and is not intended to quantify the IPC increase a user should expect to see across a wide range of applications. We will provide additional details on “Zen 2” IPC improvements, and more importantly how the combination of our next-generation architecture and advanced 7nm process technology deliver more performance per socket, when the products launch.