Wednesday, September 12, 2018

5G To Disrupt and Reshape Entire Industries

When asked about 5G, people often think faster phones – but 5G is much more than a faster personal device connection. 5G is about intelligence, insights, efficiencies and innovation. It has the potential to reshape and propel entire industries forward. From city infrastructure and industrial automation to transportation and entertainment, 5G will be a disruptive force bringing new inventions and innovations. And we are proud the first 5G networks will run on Intel.

Intel hosted its 5G Summit in Los Angeles on the eve of Mobile World Congress Americas to highlight the progress we have made with our partners on 5G trials this year and to show how we are enabling their 5G solutions using Intel technology. We believe the next generation of communications will disrupt and transform networks and deliver content in newer, faster and more efficient ways. As the executive sponsor of Intel’s global 5G strategy, I am excited about the continued collaboration we have with communications and media industry leaders and the innovations we can develop together.