Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Taking Back Control of Your Smart Home From Someone Else

A.) This is what happens when you have smart home devices.
B.) Your refrigerator, washer and dryer do not need internet access. 
C.) You don't need an internet capable thermostat
D.) Regular people do not have these problem.  
E.) Rest easy knowing you paid THOUSANDS of dollars more for vulnerable devices. 

Lifehacker has a guide to getting control of your own home and devices in case you happen to be one of those people that bought into the "smart home" sales pitch. 

If someone has access to your smart home’s gadgets who shouldn’t, the first and easiest step for taking back control is to change your wireless network’s name and password. Unless a device connects to your home with Ethernet cable—like a surveillance camera, for example—this should effectively lock out every “smart” gadget from being able to reconnect to the web. No web connection; no way to control them from afar (or view what they’re looking at).