Tuesday, June 5, 2018

InWin Launching New Products At Computex 2018

Join InWin at Computex 2018 where the latest limited-edition signature chassis, the newest PC chassis, power supplies, cooling products and accessories for PC enthusiasts will be displayed. Investing in a Future of Personalized, Interactive Features After introducing WINBOT’s AI functions during last year’s Computex, , InWin is continuing to develop more interactive and customizable products. At Computex 2018, InWin will exhibit new, interactive product features and will introduce a new service that enables customers to add printed designs to further theme PC cases. Coming soon via InWin eStore, users can choose to add a design pattern to cases such as the 101 Chassis, then InWin will apply it and ship directly to customers. This service will evolve to extend options to different materials, patterns and chassis.