Friday, March 30, 2018

NVIDIA Supercomputing Platform Redefines Medical Imaging

There are about 3 million medical imaging instruments installed around the world. With only a couple hundred thousand new ones sold each year, it would take decades to update this install base. NVIDIA’s Project Clara, a medical imaging supercomputer, renews the capabilities of these machines in place. Unveiled this week at the GPU Technology Conference, in Silicon Valley, Project Clara takes advantage of incredible advancements in computation. 

Medical imaging instruments have been vital to early detection and improvement of patient outcomes for more than four decades. Innovation in the field has come from improvements in detector technology and, more recently, parallel computing. A decade ago, researchers realized NVIDIA GPUs provide the most efficient architecture for medical imaging applications and could help reduce radiation exposure, improve image quality and produce images in real time. More recently, deep learning is dominating, with more than half of new research in medical imaging applications involving AI.