Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jensen Huang Keynotes NVIDIA’s 2018 GPU Technology Conference

Less than 24 hours until NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivers the keynote at our ninth annual GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, and the action’s already begun. The crowd more more than 8,000 surging into the McEnery Convention Center — which includes researchers, press, technologists, analysts and partners from all over the globe — is our largest yet.

The 600+ talks on the docket may be the best testament to the spread of GPUs into every aspect of human endeavor. Attendees are already crowding into conference rooms to hear about how GPUs can be used to model the formation of galaxies, generate dazzling special effects for blockbuster movies, and even analyze scans of the human heart. Their mood: happy. At least, that’s what the Emotions Demo, set up on the convention’s main concourse, tells us. The demo uses deep learning to instantly read the facial expressions of people nearby in real time – whether they’re happy, neutral, afraid, or disgusted.