Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Multitude of Mechanical Marvels Carry the Day at GTC Japan

In a country known for its hospitality, attendees of GTC Japan, the final leg in our global tour GPU Technology Conferences, were warmly greeted and offered a beverage. The courteous host wasn’t human, but a cute, cylindrical rolling robot, named Orion Star. Outfitted with an NVIDIA Jetson AI module, it autonomously zipped around the room, delighting guests by delivering bottles of coffee. Orion Star was one of a dozen and a half robots on display at GTC Japan. These rolling, walking and flying devices highlight the move toward autonomous machines in manufacturing, retail, agriculture, research, higher education and other areas. And at the heart of these mechanical marvels is Jetson, our AI supercomputer on a module that delivers powerful computing in a pint-sized form factor.