Monday, December 11, 2017

AI-Based Rendering Comes to Hollywood

The next blockbuster coming to a theater near you may arrive sooner than ever, thanks to the new AI-based capabilities of the NVIDIA OptiX 5.0. When incorporated into applications such as Chaos Group’s V-Ray, Isotropix Clarisse and Redshift Render, the software lets creative professionals visualize their designs or characters up to 12x faster.

Chaos Group, Isotropix and Redshift are among the first to experience OptiX 5.0’s abilities. Creative pros using their products will be able to see what final rendered frames will look like without waiting minutes or hours to see their work. OptiX 5.0 paired with the newly announced TITAN V, the world’s most powerful GPU for the PC, lets designers, artists and other content-creation professionals iterate and innovate with incredible speed and massive performance — all on their desktop PCs.