Tuesday, November 7, 2017

'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' Update Improves Stability On NVIDIA 10-Series GPUs

If you own an NVIDIA 10-series based GPU and you have plans to play Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, make sure you read this.

Those using one of Nvidia’s 10-series GPUs should see a more stable experience during gameplay. However, it came at a cost: The studio disabled the cards’ ability to perform asynchronous compute tasks until a fix for the issue comes in a future driver update. If you’re playing on a Windows 10 system, you should also see improved stability on Nvidia’s GPU when playing at a resolution other than 4K when DPI scaling is set to 175% on a 4K monitor. There’s even more stability improvements on the same set of cards if you changed the resolution to 4K while the DPI scale is on 125% or 150%.