Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Raidmax Narwhal Review

All I'm saying is that the Raidmax Narwhal better have a big ass horn sticking out of the front of the case. 😆

Today, we have a case called the Narwhal. That may seem like an unusual name for a case, I mean, what exactly is a Narwhal? Well, today we also have a quick zoology lesson. A Narwhal is actually an animal - a type of whale to be precise. And not just any whale. The male Narwhal (aka Narwhale) has a single spiral-shaped "tusk" that protrudes from its face. And the tusk is actually a single modified canine tooth. Of course, if you live around the Arctic Circle, you probably already know this. Enough about the animal - let's move on to the case!