Thursday, October 12, 2017

Vincent AI Sketch Demo Draws In Throngs at GTC Europe

Cambridge Consultants showed off an deep-learning driven application this week at GTC Europe in Munich that lets you pick up a stylus and sketch out a few lines, and watch, in real-time, as the application turns your squiggles into art in one of seven styles resembling everything from moody J.M.W Turner oil paintings to neon-hued pop art. It’s a demo that stunned the more than 3,000 attendees during NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang’s keynote speech Tuesday at GTC Europe. Huang even climbed down from the stage in the middle of his keynote to pick up a stylus and sketch a stylized NVIDIA logo and a profile of a man – which the application transformed into a Picasso-esque painting as he worked — grinning as the audience applauded.