Wednesday, September 13, 2017

PewDiePie Is A Piece of Crap.

Can we all just agree that PewDiePie is a piece of crap and move on? Sponsors need to move on. YouTube needs to move on. The world needs to just move on.  Come on people, think about it. What is your "go-to" word when someone is pissing you off? F-er, MF-er, Piece of sh*t, etc. etc. come to mind. If it is a racial slur like the n-word, you deserve all the hate you are getting.  

But I can. PewDiePie was playing a video game. He wasn’t in a fistfight or a car crash. Those are heated moments, not that a racial epithet is acceptable in them, either. Video games are something we do ostensibly for enjoyment in comfortable surroundings."