Saturday, September 30, 2017

How AI Can Help You Find the Perfect Tattoo

Few choices in life are more personal, or more permanent, than picking a tattoo. Getting just the one you want may soon get a little easier thanks to AI. Tattoodo, a Copenhagen-based startup, has come up with a deep learning-powered app that can help people find the right style and image before they submit to the gun.

More than 20 million tattoo lovers, and the plain curious, flock to Tattoodo’s site each month to peruse its massive collection of ink uploaded by people from around the world. Previously, these uploads had been laboriously hand-categorized and tagged. Then Tattoodo developers Goran Vuksic and Dennis Micky Jensen — tinkering around during some of their company’s regular hacker hours — had the insight to build a neural network for image recognition and apply it to Tattoodo’s collection of body art.