Tuesday, September 26, 2017

China's Top Server-Builders Adopt NVIDIA AI Design for Cloud Computing

NVIDIA today announced that China's leading original equipment manufacturers - including Huawei, Inspur and Lenovo - are using the NVIDIA® HGX reference architecture to offer Volta architecture-based accelerated systems for hyperscale data centers. Through the NVIDIA HGX Partner Program, NVIDIA is providing each OEM with early access to the NVIDIA HGX reference architecture for data centers, NVIDIA GPU computing technologies, and design guidelines. HGX is the same data center design used in Microsoft's Project Olympus initiative, Facebook's Big Basin systems and NVIDIA DGX-1™ AI supercomputers. Using HGX as a starter "recipe," OEM and original design manufacturer (ODM) partners can work with NVIDIA to more quickly design and bring to market a wide range of qualified GPU-accelerated AI systems for hyperscale data centers to meet the industry's growing demand for AI cloud computing.