Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NVIDIA’s High School Interns Spend Summer Creating Robots

High school’s usually closed during the summer, but our inaugural batch of young “Jetson” interns never stopped learning. Over the course of seven weeks, we hosted 12 high schoolers to work with our embedded computing group, which focuses on intelligent machines, like drones, robots and submersibles. Age and location weren’t an obstacle. The youngest, Isaac Wilcove, 15,  just graduated from middle school and has been programming since he was eight. Others, like Michael Chacko, who hails from Texas, moved to Silicon Valley for the hands-on experience. The interns were divided into three teams, each tasked with building Jetson-powered robots. The robots can perform various functions for business facilities, and may one day be used in a major new building nearing completion at our Silicon Valley campus. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing: the young creators grappled with obstacles involving design, code and motion.