Tuesday, August 8, 2017

NVIDIA Gives Away More V100s To AI Researchers

We’re working to put the world’s fastest GPU into the hands of the world’s smartest AI researchers. Last month in Honolulu, NVIDIA shocked top AI researchers, giving them the world’s first NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators. Last night, in Sydney, we struck again, handing out 15 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU accelerators. “I think it’s fantastic,” said Sergey Levine, an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who is known for his work at the intersection of deep learning and robotics. Given out at a meetup for participants in our NVIDIA AI Labs program at the International Conference on Machine Learning, and signed by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, the V100s are the world’s most powerful GPUs, offering more than 100 teraflops of deep learning performance.