Friday, August 18, 2017

Intel Showcases Application of AI for Space Research at NASA FDL Event

Intel hosted the NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) Wrap-Up Event at its Santa Clara campus, concluding an eight-week summer program. Intel is a key partner in FDL and provided support to ongoing research that is exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve a range of challenges within the fields of space weather, space resources and planetary defense.

Through its work with NASA FDL, Intel is addressing critical knowledge gaps by using AI to help establish humanity as a space-faring civilization and solve problems that potentially affect all of us here on Earth. As part of the program, Intel supported and mentored researchers who used Intel® Nervana™ deep learning technology to tackle the complex challenge of building detailed maps of the lunar poles – a thorny challenge that involves detecting craters and other features within the dramatic shadows of the polar regions as well as resolving the image artifacts and registration challenges required to make a cohesive map. This is a task that takes many weeks by hand for just a small section of the moon.