Saturday, August 5, 2017

How AI Can Keep You Safe Behind the Wheel

Tailgaters. Red light runners. Hard braking. Whether in a Mini or a Mack truck, every driver faces nerve-wracking moments. With a small, AI-powered device mounted on the windshield, unsafe driving events like these can be detected as they happen and their causes analyzed. Avneesh Agrawal, CEO and founder of Netradyne, explained how in a presentation at the GPU Technology Conference in May. His San Diego-based startup has coupled deep learning and edge computing with a device dubbed “Driveri™.” Mounted behind the rear-view mirror in cars, vans, trucks or big rigs, Driveri acts like a computerized command center. It uses real-time analysis from data taken from cameras, vision-based deep learning and inertial sensors mounted on a vehicle to put “eyes” not just on the road, but also on the driver, the car and everything around it.