Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TurboTax Used NVIDIA GRID to Make Tax Season Easier for Millions

Gamers use GPUs to make slaying zombies more fun. During the latest tax season, the tens of millions of people who rely on Intuit were able to use GPUs to slay their taxes a little more easily, too. That’s because Intuit’s TurboTax SmartLook feature — powered by Tesla M60 GPU accelerators and NVIDIA GRID — lets you communicate live, via one-way video, with credentialed CPAs or enrolled agents around the country. Using SmartLook, tax experts on virtualized desktops can view your screen to help you through the next step. They can even draw on your screen to highlight key fields. Data remains securely in Intuit’s data center the whole time. Intuit streams the application via Citrix XenApp 7.9 with NVIDIA GRID virtualization software and NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU accelerators running on Dell R730 servers.