Friday, May 12, 2017

The Robot Will See You Now, Even If It Won’t Replace Your Doc

A robot takeover of medicine? Not so fast, says Stanford University’s Daniel Rubin. While AI can be a reliable medical tool, it’s not going to replace your doctor, said Rubin, an associate professor of biomedical data science, radiology, medicine and ophthalmology, speaking at the GPU Technology Conference this week. The challenges researchers face — interpreting medical images, assessing how disease presents in patients, and monitoring patient responses to treatments — can all be supported through deep-learning trained applications that reduce the error rate of diagnosis and improve clinical decision making. 

“Physicians are caregivers, not computers. They don’t need to be replaced, what they need is help in taking care of patients,” said Rubin, director of biomedical informatics at the Stanford Cancer Institute, and director of the Scholarly Concentration in Informatics at the Stanford School of Medicine.