Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NVIDIA and Facebook Team Up to Supercharge Caffe2 Deep Learning Framework

NVIDIA and Facebook today announced the result of our joint work to advance artificial intelligence with Caffe2, a new AI deep learning framework contributed by Facebook to the open-source community. Every day, the world generates information — text, pictures, videos and more. Facebook is developing new AI systems to help manage this information so people can better understand the world and more effectively communicate, even as the volume of information increases. Caffe2 allows developers and researchers to create large-scale distributed training scenarios and build machine learning applications for edge devices.

Providing AI-powered services on mobile is a complex data processing task that must happen within the blink of an eye. Increasingly, the processing of lightning-fast AI services requires GPU-accelerated computing, such as that offered by Facebook’s Big Basin servers, as well as highly optimized deep learning software that can leverage the full capability of the accelerated hardware. NVIDIA and Facebook are delivering AI acceleration through our work on the Caffe2 deep learning framework. Thanks to our joint engineering, we’ve fine-tuned Caffe2 from the ground up to take full advantage of the NVIDIA GPU deep learning platform. Caffe2 uses the latest NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK libraries — cuDNN, cuBLAS and NCCL — to deliver high-performance, multi-GPU accelerated training and inference. As a result, users can focus on developing AI-powered applications, knowing that Caffe2 delivers the best performance on their NVIDIA GPU systems.