Saturday, April 8, 2017

From Warships to Spaceships, VR Changes How Enterprises — and the Enterprise — Work

Swoopy two-seater supercars. Warships bristling with advanced technology. A virtual world that beams players aboard the starship Enterprise. VR has become an invaluable tool for building all these things. Whether you’re an automaker or an architect, virtual and augmented reality can simulate your creations before they’re built, letting you perfect them faster and more economically. To see how, check the lineup at our GPU Technology Conference, May 8-11, at the San Jose Convention Center. We have more than 20 sessions devoted to VR/AR. First in line is NVIDIA Distinguished Research Scientist Morgan McGuire, who will give a talk about the state of the industry. Next up is a range of VR and AR experts working in defense, gaming, aerospace and other industries, who will talk about their firsthand experiences in the field. You’ll also get to wander among the dazzling demos in our VR Village. And, once inspired, you can take part in VR labs and get hands-on with the technology.