Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Canadian Town To Use Uber For Public Transit

Either this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of, or the most brilliant. I'll let you guys decide.

Using the free Uber app, Innisfil residents will be able to book a trip to wherever they need to go, 24/7. There are essentially three different types of trips residents could make:

1) Key Destination Request: When residents book a trip to one of the following destinations, they will pay $3 to $5:

  •   $3 for any trip to/from Innisfil Recreational Complex/Town Hall area
  •   $4 for any trip to/from closest GO bus stop along Yonge St
  •   $5 for any trip to/from Barrie South GO train station 
  •   $5 for any trip to/from Innisfil Heights Employment Area and Highway 400 carpool lot

2) Custom Destination Request: residents can book Uber to travel wherever they wish within Innisfil’s boundaries and will enjoy saving $5 off their fare.

3) Accessible Vehicle Request: residents who require a vehicle that’s equipped to meet any accessible needs will be able to make a request. The price of this trip will be the same as mentioned above. Depending on how many individuals request the same trip at the same time, residents can expect to share their ride with others. Each resident would be charged the appropriate fare. As an incentive, Uber will provide a credit of $20 to each resident that signs up to use the service.