Friday, April 14, 2017

Ajazz AK60 “FirstBlood” Mechanical RGB Keyboard Review

Play3r has just published a review of the Ajazz AK60 “FirstBlood” Mechanical RGB keyboard. Am I the only one that thinks the company should have went all out and named this keyboard "AK47 FirstBlood?" Seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. 😉

Ajazz is based in China, I have been aware of the company for about 4 years, they produce keyboards, mice, and other gaming peripherals and are mainly geared towards the eastern markets, however you can buy their products from places like Amazon and Banggood. Doing some investigating, the Ajazz AK60 uses Ajazz’ own branded red switches, I am interested to see how these compare with other red offerings from the likes of Cherry and Kailh. First though a rundown of the specifications and features of this keyboard.