Monday, March 27, 2017

What Happens When Your PC Meets Intel Optane Memory?

Throughout my years at Intel, I’ve seen the incredible impact technology can and will have on peoples’ lives: from virtual reality saving lives in the hands of a surgeon to the power and potential of 5G for autonomous driving. But let’s not forget, one of the most pervasive and impactful technology innovations of our time continues to be the one we use day in and day out: the personal computer. Whether you are staying connected with loved ones, streaming an epic moment of game play, or researching that next big project, computers are woven through almost every aspect of our lives. At Intel, we strive to push the boundaries of technology to help people be more creative, have more fun or be more productive. One of the best ways to do this is to fundamentally improve the daily computing experience.  

Today’s introduction of Intel® Optane™ memory does just that. Intel Optane memory enables PCs to deliver significantly more performance and faster load times across a broad range of personal computing experiences. It will enable new levels of PC responsiveness for everything from compute-intensive engineering applications to high-end gaming, digital content creation, web browsing and even everyday office productivity applications.

To put this in perspective, on a given day, most people launch 11 apps, and then launch each app seven times. With the increased speed and responsiveness of Intel Optane memory in a 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based system, you can power on your computer up to twice as fast and improve overall system performance up to 28 percent faster with storage performance up to 14x faster.  Applications like Microsoft Outlook* will launch up to nearly 6x faster, the Chrome* browser launches up to 5x faster, games launch up to 67 percent faster, and levels load up to 65 percent faster.