Sunday, March 5, 2017

Tim Sweeney: Microsoft UWP Is Still 'Woefully Inadequate'

Apparently Tim Sweeney still isn't a fan of Microsoft's Universal Windows Apps. In a recent PC Gamer interview, the CEO of Epic Games called UWP "woefully inadequate."

"Well, I should be very clear," Sweeney said. "The thing that I feel is incredibly important for the future of the industry is that the PC platform remains open, so that any user without any friction can install applications from any developer, and ensure that no company, Microsoft or anybody else, can insert themselves by force as the universal middleman, and force developers to sell through them instead of selling directly to customers. I’ve been selling games directly to customers since 1991 when I was mailing out floppy disks, and when you take that power away suddenly you have onerous certification processes, you have a distribution monopoly that tends to move towards an advertising-centric sales model.