Monday, March 27, 2017

So You Want to Be a Pro Gamer

Back in the day, I was a bartender making money hand over fist. Money, girls, everyone was partying at my job. It was amazing. Would I recommend it to anyone? HELL no! Just like being a pro gamer, I can't think of another profession that is so short lived and detrimental to the rest of your career. My advice, skip the articles like this explaining how to be professional gamer and stick to more realistic professions like, oh..I don't know...ANYTHING ELSE. Also, taking advice from someone that is NOT a professional gamer is probably not a good idea either. 😆 

Once your skills begin creeping toward pro-level play, seek out a live tournament. The experience of playing in front of a crowd can’t be replicated, and building a level of comfort with live play will be one of the last hurdles you face. Many websites keep updated calendars of major and minor events, and you can always check the forums for games in your area.