Wednesday, March 1, 2017

San Francisco University Lays Off IT Workers, Sending Jobs To India

I'm trying to do the math here and something just isn't adding up. UCSF entered into a $50 million contract over five years with a company based in India. They claim this will save them $30 million over five years. Somebody needs to explain to me how in the world it was spending $80 million on 49 employees?

The University of California, San Francisco on Tuesday laid off 49 information technology (IT) employees and outsourced their work to a company based in India, ending a year-long process that has brought the public university under fire. The university announced the plan last July as a way to save $30 million over five years. The University of California system, which includes health care and research-focused UCSF, has been struggling to raise revenue and cut expenses.