Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Raijintek Paean Open Frame Chassis Review

There is a review of the Raijintek Paean open frame chassis over at pcGameware today that is worth checking out.

Describing the Raijintek Paean is actually pretty tough, but I’ll do my best and for Raijintek’s blurb on the Case just see the extract below. The Paean is an open framed Case and is even described by Raijintek as a Bench. It is in fact a paneled (x2 5mm tempered glass & x1 aluminium) open frame chassis that’s capable of housing all Motherboard sizes up to and including ATX. The Case measure in at (286mm × 587mm × 417mm) and effectively doesn’t have a Height/Width/Depth as the case can be orientated any way you like thanks to it’s unusual and clever design.