Wednesday, March 8, 2017

NVIDIA Launches Jetson TX2

Powerful factory robots. Commercial drones. Smart cameras. NVIDIA Tuesday unveiled the NVIDIA Jetson TX2, a credit card-sized platform that puts AI computing to work in the world all around us. Over the past five years, the mobile revolution has brought more and more devices online, Deepu Talla, vice president and general manager of the Tegra business at NVIDIA told an audience of press, analysts, and robotics enthusiasts at an event in San Francisco.

At the same time, GPU-based deep learning has given computers the ability to understand — and react to — the data streaming in from all these devices in uncanny new ways. Both through training — which creates smart systems — and through inference — which creates systems that are able to react intelligently to the world around them in real time. “We’re seeing a lot of this inference not just in the cloud, but also moving towards the edge, whether it’s a robot, or a drone, or a security camera,” Talla said. “And Jetson is our platform for doing inference and AI computing at the edge.”