Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Intel 7th Generation Core i3 7350K Processor Review

Our friends at Overclockers Club seemed rather please with the Intel Core i3 7350K they just reviewed.

As a K-SKU processor, the Core i3 7350K is an overclocking enabled and unlocked processor. The expectation is that it should overclock as well as its full core count siblings, such as the Core i7 7700K. And that it does, with a fairly robust 4.9GHz clock speed with about 15 minutes worth of performance tuning. Depending on the motherboard you put this little gem in (it has to support overclocking), you should see a boost in performance across the board, which I did in each and every test. When pushed to the limit, the thermals never got out of hand, even when I was pushing the vcore up to 1.45v. Using an AIO liquid cooler helps tremendously in this aspect, but you could reach the 4.9GHz clock speed I was able to reach with a solid air cooler from Noctua or Phanteks.