Saturday, February 11, 2017

Warm And Fuzzy Video Game Story of the Day

The funny part about this story? Aside from not being a retired grandfather, I fit this guy's description to a T. I am an older guy, I have almost 1,600 hours into the game, play mostly solo, I have a 400 titan, 400 warlock, 400 hunter and I've never completed a single raid or nightfall and I've only recent begun to use a mic in game.

"The Tower challenge" is when you find a low-ish light level player in the Tower and see if they will actually join you for a Nightfall or a raid. (Let me just say, Tower-raids are something else. Beyond anything you could imagine in regular LFG, haha.) Tonight I feel like I hit the jackpot in finding someone just enjoying the hell out of Destiny. I found a 376. I sent the following message. He joined the party. 

It turned out to be a retired man, had played mostly solo Destiny up until really recently. No Nightfalls, no raids. He's played over 600 hours of this game. Has 3 characters: a 380, 376, and a 371 Yet, since he has been playing almost entirely solo and hasn't been looking stuff up online to learn, he's had quite a different experience than you'd think for someone with 600+ hours.