Tuesday, February 7, 2017

*UPDATE* Intel Prepares Ryzen's Response Behind The Scenes

According to the rumor mill, Intel has two new CPUs in the works with the possibility of more coming. Supposedly the i7 7740K part will have 8MB of L3, a base frequency of 4.30 GHz and a 100W TDP. The other is an i5 7640K 4 core, 6MB L3, 4.0GHz base frequency.

[Edit 17/02/06 - 18h50] Presence of HT on the 7640K. Following the publication of this news, several sources contacted us about these two pieces of information. All confirm the existence of the Core i7 7740K and the Core i5 7640K but we get conflicting information about the presence or not of HyperThreading on the Core i5 7640K. Our sample should arrive at the end of the week, we will confirm the presence of this functionality and all the specifications (frequencies, TDP, etc.).