Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tesla Employee: It's Time for Tesla to Listen

While everyone agrees that it is good for a company to listen to the concerns of its employees, I have no idea how this guy got all the statistics he is quoting in this open letter. Unless he is upper management, how would he know that most of his 5,000 co-workers "work well over 40 hours per week" or "make between $17 and $21 hourly." How does one worker know how many preventable injuries happen throughout the plant? 

Most of my 5,000-plus coworkers work well over 40 hours a week, including excessive mandatory overtime. The hard, manual labor we put in to make Tesla successful is done at great risk to our bodies. Most Tesla production workers earn between $17 and $21 hourly. The average auto worker in the nation earns $25.58 an hour, and lives in a much less expensive region. The living wage in Alameda county, where we work, is more than $28 an hour for an adult and one child (I have two). Many of my coworkers are commuting one or two hours before and after those long shifts because they can’t afford to live closer to the plant.