Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Patent Troll Sues Netflix Over Offline Downloads

And the award for "stupid lawsuit of the day" goes to this guy!

A computer-implemented method of digital data duplication comprising: taking requests at one or more user interfaces; transmitting said requests through a network to a computer; assigning each of said requests to one of a plurality of output devices; and executing the duplication process, wherein said computer comprises: at least one first module configured to create a task log based on incoming requests; at least one second module configured to store all data necessary for executing said duplication process; at least one third module configured to create a subset of said data stored in said second module, further configured to download said subset to one of said output devices, and further configured to command said output device to transfer said subset onto blank media; and a connection through which said second module communicates with said first module and said third module.