Tuesday, February 28, 2017

High-Tech Holster Forces All Nearby Body Cams To Record When Gun Is Pulled

While this seems like a great idea on the surface, what happens when it malfunctions and the opposite happens? Cop pulls his gun and NO body cams are triggered?

The Signal Sidearm, despite its slightly confusing name and provided artwork, isn't a pricey, complex smart weapon, but rather a sensor that can be retrofitted into "most existing firearm holsters." The sensor is powered by a coin cell battery that lasts approximately 1.5 years. It sounds like the sensor is technologically very simple, which hopefully means it's also very reliable. When a weapon is drawn from the holster, the Signal Sidearm tells any Axon camera within 30 feet to start recording. If there are multiple Axon cameras present, they all start recording, providing video footage from a variety of angles.