Annual Computers For Charity Project

For those of you not up to speed on our annual Computers For Charity Project, here's the quick and dirty explanation:

Every year we collect used / older computer parts from our readers in an attempt to build as many computers as we possibly can to be donated to those in need.

Many of you have older hardware lying around (CPU, RAM, video cards, etc.), maybe left over hardware from your last upgrade, or stuff just laying around collecting dust, that you would like to donate to a worthy cause. Our readers send it to us, and we build and distribute the systems.

There are also lots of great companies out there that also donate computer hardware to our charity project as well because it is a great way to give back to the community as well.

We've done this for more than 15 years. In the past 3 years alone, we've built and donated over 60 computers for families in need.

2015 we built sixteen systems
2016 we built twenty systems
2017 we built twenty four computers / laptops

These computers will be used for every day tasks, such as homework for kids, employment searches for adults, filling out online forms and applications, watching instructional videos, job training and, with any luck, a little entertainment as well.

Additionally, in order to obtain many of the items that we didn't receive through donation, we started a fund to sponsor our efforts for those of you that do not have old hardware laying around but want to give a few dollars to help our cause. All the proceeds go to buying all the items needed to finish these systems.

Again, we sincerely thank you and our sponsors for making this possible.

Update #1! Thanks to all of our readers for helping us raise funds for our 2018 Computers For Charity Project.

Update #2! I want to thank Cooler Master for being the first (hopefully of many) companies backing this years Computers For Charity Project!

Update #3! We would like to thank G.Skill for supporting our annual Computers For Charity Project!

Update #4! I also wish to thank Intel for supporting our annual Computers For Charity Project!

Update #5! Western Digital has joined the list of companies supporting our annual Computers For Charity Project!

Update #6! We would like to thank the fantastic folks at SilverStone for supporting our annual Computers For Charity Project!

Update #7! We would like to thank Zotac for their support! The company went above and beyond to support or charity project!

Update #8! The fantastic folks over at Corsair swooped in to save the day offering the final items we need to make this happen!

Update #9! You can add AMD to the list of sponsors! Team Red stepped up in a big way to make sure year's charity was a success!

Update #10!  I want to say thanks to the fine folks at PNY for swooping in to support our annual Computers For Charity Project!