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I can't imagine why any of you would want to know what I look like, but I get an assload of requests. . . . so here ya go. . . this is me:

Click anyone one of the pictures to see more photos...from the 80's until now...SCARY stuff, be prepared.

( there are a bunch of pictures on a separate page )

We're talking these are "Web Cam" photos here folks, I am not that scary in real life. . . I am actually the EXTREME opposite, a very friendly guy. There are lots more pictures in there, so click the link.

Hypothermia takes up almost all my free time. If I am not begging for interviews, I am begging hardware companies for products to give away to you guys. Trust me, begging from companies can be a full time job. I do the Killer Gaming Rig contest as well every 90 days or so, and that in itself requires a TON of coordination.

Lately, every waking moment (that I am not working at [H]ardOCP & Hypothermia) I have my nose to the grindstone at [H] Console:

This is the humble ABODE. . . . We have a two story, 4 bedroom home. The two car garage that has been carpeted and is now my office. I live in Alaska with my beautiful wife and two awesome children.

You can see my work area here and here and the [H] Console / Hypothermia labs here!

Even though I don't drink or smoke, I have been in the bar business for most of my adult career. I am a former manager at the International Airport, I manage all the food and beverage concessions ( all the bars and restaurants ) in the airport. With 8 businesses and over 135 employees, things tend to get a tad hectic at times. Although things may be busy / hectic, I pride myself on being the type of boss that I always wanted to have when I was an employee. Before that, I was a manager at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 

 My other great love/hobby is collecting old cars. . . I have a few:


You can see a total restoration of one of my cars from start to finish HERE. Great stuff! 



Way back in the day, I won a contest held on for great overclockin' ideas!! Rather cool, and scored an MSI motherboard to boot. . . and that is what started me down the path to owning my own website.

Another great article featuring my design prowess ( fancy werdz. . . ) is posted at:

In addition to the reviews I do for, I have written several articles for magazines such as Smart Computing and CPU Magazine.

Funny as it may seem, both those two articles and the help from those guys is what got me on the internet in the first place. There would be NO Hypothermia without the help of these guys. A short list of people that really made a difference: 

Steve "sCary" Gibson, from ShackNews

Sean "Redwood" Martin from Stomped

Stephen "Blue" Heaslip from Blues News

Dave Altavilla from Hot Hardware

Billy "Wicked" Wilson from VoodooExtreme

Kyle Bennett from HardOCP


Cool, yet slightly revealing pictures and a short interview with me can be found at:

A more recent interview was done by the fellas at OCAddiction: 

And the well renowned did a rather lengthy interview with me this year regarding gaming fame, hardware and thoughts in general at :

This month I am featured in the U.K. magazine PC GUIDE. Speaking of PC Guide magazine, a big Thanx goes out to Graham Barlow, Assistant Editor, for giving me the opportunity to showcase some of my inventions/ideas. So if ya see the magazine on the stands. . . get one! ! !





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